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Why Many Are Saying…Buy Silver NOW

I want to begin this post by clarifying that I am not a financial advisor, and nothing I say here should be construed as financial advice. This article is an attempt to summarize some things I’ve recently read and heard others say about the value of precious metals, and silver in particular. You need to use your own discernment about these claims and make your own decisions. There are no guarantees about investments in precious metals.

I will start off by talking about my own experiences. I have done very little investment in my life, and do not really have much to invest anyhow. I actually always felt turned off by talk of “investing”, since from all I could see, “investing” involved putting money into what to me seemed like a game and not completely real or tangible — the stock market, mutual funds. I always rather tended to see value in what was physical and tangible.

But I didn’t know anything about investing in precious metals, and hadn’t heard anything about that until recently when I became part of the Truther community, people seeking the truth on the backchannels and from independent journalists and citizens. Gradually, I began to hear people talk about investing in silver and gold — especially silver. Why were they recommending this?

After listening to a few people talk about this matter, such as Bix Weir, Phil Godlewski, and others, what I learned was that the price of silver (currently, as I speak, at $18.89 per ounce on Sept 28 2022 ) is artificially low, and is much lower than what it should be. Why is this? And how is this?
Well it turns out that for reasons I don’t completely understand, a high silver price would be harmful to the major banking institutions. Hence, the banks have bought what is called ” silver short options”, which, as Phil explains in this video towards the latter part involve essentially placing bets that the price of silver will fall instead of rise. Somehow, these “short options” on silver cause the price of silver to stay low, which to me reveals one form of the corruption of the stock market. Because it basically reveals that one or more very wealthy persons or institutions, can pay to ensure the price of something stays low, if that is what they want. This as well as other forms of price manipulation on silver are going on, and none of these things should be permitted in a fair market. Bix Weir has stated in one of his recent videos, perhaps this one that Comex, the company which is a commodity exchange for metals, would not allow the price of silver to go above $50 an ounce.

Once again, this is completely wrong, not only unethical, but in my opinion criminal, that anyone or any institution should be able to control prices on any tangible item such as silver.

In this article, Bix Weir (who is someone very knowledgable about the silver and metals markets) explains the history of Cabal and corporate manipulation of the price of silver. He explains multiple factors that have been at work causing the price of silver to be artificially low, and adjusts for each of these factors towards what he believes is a more realistic price per ounce for silver.

One thing I’ll point out relates to Bix’s point #6 in this article. This point is a bit easier for me to understand than some others. It’s that the so-called “paper silver” holders, those who have bought silver but only have that written down on paper, don’t actually have the silver in their own possession or own hands, are likely to make sad discoveries about the fraud involved with their paper silver holdings. Essentially, those who “sold” them silver on “paper”, don’t actually have that silver. These sellers were relying on the assumption that if anyone sought to redeem their silver, eg trade in their “paper silver” for real silver delivered to their possession, then the seller could just go and buy that and give it to them at that point. However, this will not be do-able as the silver squeeze advances and it becomes scarce and/or much more expensive. They would find that they can’t get it when the silver squeeze really tightens up the noose on silver availability. So, they will essentially be caught with their pants down, having committed fraud by selling something to someone that they had no right to sell because they didn’t have it to begin with.

Next, in his point #7 in his article, Bix addresses the issue that much of the silver which has been mined over history, has been exhausted or used up in electrical applications. He says, “10 Billion ounces of above ground silver that was used as money up until a few short decades ago has been DESTROYED in modern electrical applications! ALL THE SILVER THAT HAD BEEN MINED OVER 1,000’s OF YEARS IS NOW GONE FOREVER!!!” He concludes this point by saying that silver and gold should be at (at least) a 1 to 1 value ratio. Meaning if gold is $10k an ounce, silver should be the same price.

Bix then goes on to explain in points #8 and #9 about the impact of the need for silver in industry, as it is the best conductor of electricity of any metal, also the best reflector. He then explains how the suppression of the value of silver was required by the criminal Cabal in order to support the fiat currency, eg our fake debt-based currency.

In his point #12 he explains that the “powers that be” have lied to us for a long time about how much silver exists in the world, which parallels what Phil said in his video linked above. In point #13 to #15 he explains that there is more gold in the world than silver, quite contrary to what the criminal “powers that be” have been telling us, and the price implications of this reality are “staggering”.

So, the good news is that this artificial manipulation of the price of silver is coming to an end, along with the whole global crime syndicate whose criminal financial system called the Central Bank we have all been debt slaves under for our whole lives. The real value of silver will be allowed to determine it’s price, and the reality, as Phil explains in the video above, is that silver is actually more valuable than gold!

We would not have expected that, as we’ve been conditioned by and programmed by the lies of the global crime syndicate called the Cabal. They’ve hoarded gold and manipulated the price of gold upwards by pretending it is more scarce than it is. But in reality it is more plentiful than we’ve been allowed to know, and silver is actually both more scarce, and more needed, as silver is used for technology, as it is an excellent conductor of electricity. Gold does not have any properties that make it comparably useful in technology.

In the last few months, a Texas billionaire bought $50 million in silver, as reported here: and here and also analyzed here

If gold and silver’s value was truly reflected in current pricing, it might not make much sense to invest a lot in silver with an expectation of making money. Just looking at the past performance of the value of silver over the last 100 years, we can see that its value has at times briefly gone up, but has not had an overall rising trend:

Silver price over last 100 years, prices adjusted to reflect inflation

What makes some say that silver is a phenomenal investment opportunity at present, is not related to its past performance, which is wimpy, but rather to things known or guessed at by “those in the know”.

One part of the picture, is that silver is being depleted from where it is stockpiled, at a rate that has recently become quite notable, as described here:

As stated in this article, the conditions exist for a “silver squeeze” as demand for physical silver is causing existing stockpiles to deplete. Here I copy below the statements from this article:

There is an unprecedented situation emerging in London, where the relentless hemorrhaging of one of the world’s largest stockpiles of silver is now well and truly under way.

For the last 9 months, this stockpile of silver, held in the LBMA vaults in London, has been consistently falling each and every month, and has now reached an all time low (since vault holdings records began in July 2016).

These vaults comprise the precious metals storage facilities in and around London run by the bullion banks JP Morgan, HSBC and ICBC Standard Bank, as well as the London vaults of three security operators, namely Brinks, Malca-Amit and Loomis. Since the system of vaults is administered and coordinated by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA), these vaults are collectively known as the ‘LBMA vaults’.

Back in July this year, BullionStar highlighted this developing trend in the article titled “LBMA Silver Inventories fall to a near 6 Year Low below 1 billion ounces”. 

That article covered the vault data up to the end of June 2022, where the London silver holdings had reached the dubious milestone of having dropped below the 1 billion ounce level, specifically falling to 997.4 million ozs (31,022 tonnes).

London sub-Billion Market Association (LBMA)

Since then, however, the situation has only worsened. Latest data for July and August show that the downward trend is still very much intact. During July 2022, London silver inventories fell by another 4.66% month-on-month, with the vaults seeing an outflow of 46.5 million ozs of silver (1447 tonnes). This brought total LBMA London silver holdings down to 950.9 million ozs (29,576 tonnes), and a new all time low since records began. (Note the lowest previous low had been 951.4 million ozs at the end of July 2016).

With consistent silver outflows over the last 9 months to the end of August 2022, the LBMA silver vaults have now lost a whopping 254.5 million ozs (7915 tonnes) of silver since the end of November 2021. In other words, from a situation where the LBMA silver inventories had been  36,421 tonnes at the end of November 2021, they are now 21.7% lower at 28,506 tonnes.

To put all of this into context, the Silver Institute estimates that world annual silver mining production will only be 843.2 million ozs this year. That’s 26,262 tonnes. So the LBMA vaults, with 28,506 tonnes as of the end of August 2022, now hold just less than one year’s mine supply of silver. 

In addition, except for a blip during November 2021 in which LBMA silver inventories rose by 311 tonnes, the LBMA silver vaults have actually seen outflows for 13 of the last 14 months. This is because silver inventories in London also fell in each of the months of July, August, September and October 2021. Putting all of this together means that since the end of June 2021, the LBMA vaults in London have lost 8200 tonnes of silver (263.3 million ozs), and the vaults now hold silver representing just over one year’s mine production. 

While LBMA silver inventories did rise during the first six months of 2021, the net outflow from January 2021 to the end of August 2022 is still 5102 tonnes. And people say there is no silver squeeze?

COMEX Silver also in Crisis

Over on COMEX in New York, the silver situation is also precarious, with ‘Registered’ silver inventories in the COMEX approved warehouses practically in freefall, and at a four and a half low. See the following chart. Latest figures for 9 September show that registered inventories (those that are warranted and available to back COMEX silver futures contract delivery) are now only 46 million ozs (1430 tonnes). This is insanely low. For example, more silver left the LBMA vaults during July 2022 (1447 tonnes) than there is currently in COMEX registered silver stockpiles. …...

But as demand for physical silver continues to accelerate globally and silver continues to flow out of London at an astounding rate (which are factors which the bullion banks seem to have lost control of), is this crunch time again for the LBMA?

Or will the LBMA mislead the market again like it did in March 2021 when it released eroneous data that overstated the London silver inventories by 3,300 tonnes and then kept the pretense all through April and early May 2021, maintaining that silver inventories were far higher than they actually were?

Only time will tell, but with physical silver demand firing on all cylinders and massive amounts of silver leaving the LBMA London vaults, the bullion bank tactics of rinse and repeat in creating a ‘paper’ silver price unconnected to physical demand and supply is becoming more and more exposed.

There are other factors in play as well which not all financial experts know about, but Truthers may have more info on. Namely that the Central Bank and Federal Reserve are being dismantled, and we are moving to gold-backed currencies. This in itself could be seen to stabilize the value of gold, and possibly also increase its value. Together with an end to price manipulation by “banks” which are essentially criminal enterprises, we can expect that the price of silver would rise.

How much will it rise? HEre are some financial experts weighing in with their opinions:

And Andy Schectman:

Bix Weir is particularly well situated to have knowledge of what is going on:

As Bix explains in this article, once the price manipulation of silver ends, which WILL happen as the Cabal or global crime syndicate is dismantled, silver is likely to skyrocket in value. Bix says it will go up to $10,000 an ounce.

In this article, another financial guru who has long advocated investing in precious metals, explains why he thinks that would be a real good idea right about now:

It turns out the US Treasury secretary has been involved in some inexplicable “funny business” regarding Silver Eagle production:

More will be charged with silver price manipulation as time goes on:

In a recent video, Bix Weir predicted that once silver price manipulation stops, the price per ounce for silver (currently $18.89/oz) will shoot up to $5000 to $8000 per ounce in the near term, and over a year or more will go to $15,000 to $20,000 per ounce. He has even predicted it could go beyond that price, truly into the stratosphere.

Consider that even the more “conservative” estimates of the future for silver value, among those who in my view do seem to have real insights about precious metals valuations, are that it will likely soon go to $380 per ounce. Which is nearly a 20x value increase over the present price. One can find many videos by financial advisors/gurus that do predict a rise in the silver price and and

In this video Michael Jaco predicts silver could go up 90x in price:

Bo Polny believes silver could go to $5000 to even $50,000 an ounce!

Silver is so cheap compared to gold!

As Bo explains in the above video, silver is so cheap that you are literally only paying the cost of it being dug up and refined and sold. So it’s as if the mining companies are giving it away, you are getting it at cost. This can’t continue indefinitely!

Another indicator that silver is undervalued, is the relative ratio of the price of silver to the price of gold. That ratio is higher now than it has been for a long while, which suggests that the value of silver is on the low end and will increase.

Lastly, because silver is so inexpensive relative to gold, (gold is currently around $1700 an ounce) this makes it more accessible to those with limited means, to invest in. Someone who could barely afford to invest in one ounce of gold, could buy 70 ounces of silver for about the same price. Or, if they really have very little money, they could buy just 1 to 5 ounces of silver, for $20 to $100, and if the value of silver skyrockets, even that little silver will bring them quite a big reward, possibly up to $10,000 for 1 ounce or $50,000 for 5 ounces of silver.

Many people, hearing that we are moving towards gold-backed currency systems, mistakenly assume that this means gold will be the most valuable metal, eg, more valuable than silver for this reason. But this isn’t a logical conclusion.

This video explains why the narrator thinks that it’s best to “forget gold” and invest in silver:

Here’s another video about the reason to buy silver:

Where to Buy Silver

Where should one buy silver? I recommend that you buy local if possible. You can buy silver in coin shops, and at precious metals dealers. The main reasons to buy local are: (1) you are supporting local businesses, and small businesses, your own neighbors basically. (2) You can actually get lower prices than you’d find online in many cases, and avoid shipping charges. (3) You can get some items locally that may be harder to get online, such as the old 90% silver dimes, quarters and nickels. (4) You can get your silver tested before you buy it, to ensure it is real silver. This is important because there are fake silver items out there. If you buy silver online, how are you going to test it to ensure it’s real silver? A silver tester machine like this one costs about $1500 retail cost:

There are other ways to test silver, but not as reliable as this one. And a local silver retailer is not going to like it if you buy all your silver online, and then come into his shop asking to use his silver tester for free.

I compared prices, and found that two local coin shops in my area were selling silver rounds at a lower total price than I was able to find anywhere online. Their cost this week is $23.46 per ounce, whereas these are the prices I find per ounce on JM Bullion and Golden State Mint, which are good places to buy online — each at least $2-$3 more per ounce:

Other places I’ve heard of to buy are: Texas Metals SilverGoldBull also SD Bullion AMPEX Miles Franklin (but they don’t list their prices online)

Many ask what form of silver to buy….coins, rounds, bars? Collectibles?

The main thing to realize is that what is of value is the silver itself, not the shape or design it is in. So in that sense, it doesn’t matter what form of silver you buy.

That said, if silver skyrockets in value, I do not recommend owning large bars of it. Think of how “clunky” it could be to own a 100 oz bar of silver if silver is valued at $10,000 an ounce. That 100 oz bar would be worth $1,000,000. And a 1000 oz bar is even more clunky: it would be worth $10,000,000. Not a real convenient size to carry to your local coin shop to sell, on a random afternoon.

The US Treasury has been manipulating silver and not producing enough Silver Eagles (actual US Currency marked at one dollar per item) to meet demand, so the price of those is higher than it should be right now. The part of the cost that is high is the “over spot” price, which means, the seller fee per ounce. When you buy silver you pay in two parts: the per ounce “spot” price, which varies per day, and the “over spot” fee, which goes to the seller. The spot price today for instance is $18.47 per ounce, and the over spot fee for the seller in my area is $4.50 per ounce, but the over spot fee for Silver Eagles is significantly higher at about $13.00 per ounce.

To keep your costs as low as possible, I recommend you buy silver bullion rather than silver currency, which means, you are buying silver in round shapes or bar shapes, or possibly still other shapes, and these items are not actual currency. There are tons of different designs for these and it really doesn’t matter what design you get.

There is one other type of silver coin item, which is a collectible. These may be old silver coins, actual currency, or they may be newer non-currency items with limited production. The value of these may be higher than other types of silver because these are collectibles, but the difficulty with getting into collectibles, is that you are now speculating in collectibles, rather than just in silver. In other words, you’ve crossed a boundary line by buying collectibles, and this is a whole different type of investment, one that you have to do additional research and exploration into. The hypothetical future value of silver is one matter, but if you buy collectibles you need to understand that their hypothetical future value is an entirely separate and different matter. As with everything you buy, you should avoid being “pressured” into something or allow yourself to be talked into something that isn’t really for you. Someone may be saying “there were only 500 of these ever minted, so they are valuable as collectibles” but that reasoning is not logical. Just because only a limited number of something were made doesn’t mean it’s going to become a valuable collectible.

Recently, Phil Godlewski shared a link for people who don’t want to become members, to buy items direct from 7K Metals, but if you look at the products he shows for sale there, , you will notice that the prices of the items far exceed the spot price for silver. Eg, 2 ounce silver coins, which would be valued at about $50- $60 maximum at today’s prices, are selling on his page for $360 each, which is 6 times their going rate. Some 3 ounce silver coins are selling for $900 on his page, which is 18x their spot price value at today’s price. So if you buy these, doing the calculations, you should realize that you are paying a very high price, 500% to 1700% higher than normal, to speculate in “collectibles”, and unless you are very well informed about the future value of these particular collectibles, I don’t think this is wise.

Finally, (and again, realize I am not a financial advisor and none of my suggestions/advice should be construed as financial advice), unless you yourself have an interest in becoming involved in silver sales, I don’t recommend that you buy silver from companies that require you pay a membership fee, or schedule an “appointment” to buy anything, or which have a “network marketing” or “multi-level marketing” structure. This includes the precious metal and silver retailers that Phil Godlewski is involved in and recommends, such as 7K Metals and PSI (Phil’s Silver Inc). I have a lot of respect for Phil as a major Truther and White Hat operator, however in my view he’s not helping his followers by only advising them to buy silver from his own company PSI, or 7K Metals which he works with, companies which have a network marketing/multi-level marketing structure. In my view, Phil’s major shortcoming, which I will write about in a separate article, is that he inadvertently erodes people’s trust and confidence in him, by profiteering off of his following, and making money off the Great Awakening.

I want to add one other concern about “network marketing” and “multi-level marketing” in silver and precious metals, which some people may not have thought about. Namely: if you wanted to convince someone that silver was a great investment opportunity, the best way to do that would be to show that you yourself have invested in silver, NOT that you have invested in selling others silver. Why? Because if you yourself only invest in silver, but aren’t at all involved in selling it, then you can only profit from the increase in the actual value of silver. Whereas, if you are involved in selling silver, you can basically “make money coming and going”, regardless of the value of silver. In other words, if you position yourself as a seller of silver, you will make money if the value of silver goes up, but you’ll also make money if the value of silver goes down. If you sell silver, you will make money if the value of silver stays the same and never rises or falls. As long as you can convince others to buy it.

Thus we can see, that we can see that actually there would be more advantage to selling silver, if the value of silver was NOT going to skyrocket, than if it was. Because more people will buy silver if it costs less. Once it costs $1000 to $5000 an ounce or more, the number of people who are willing or able to buy it, may drop quite a bit, because it would be out of reach of many.

Meaning, if someone’s trying to convince me to get into selling silver, I’m more inclined to think this means that silver will not perform well in the future, than that it will skyrocket in value.

Anyone who really wants to help others, such as by suggesting they buy silver so they will be well positioned once the value of silver skyrockets, would in my view, not only advise people to buy silver from his own company or those he is earning a commission from. Such a person would simply say “go out and buy silver, I care not where you get it.”

Being overly focused on profiting off this movement or one’s followers, doesn’t look good. It could lead many to question one’s motives. Freedom should be free, and those who require any type of “membership fee” or “subscription fee” or “pay per view” fee, in my opinion, are muddying things as it can appear that they are not really serving the cause of freedom, but more that they appear to be primarily serving themselves. And in this time when it’s hard to figure out who to follow and what’s true and what’s fake, how one appears, the ethics one conveys by one’s choices, do matter.

Switch your IRA or 401k to Silver?

Some people have recently worked to move their IRA or 401k retirement account to silver or gold holdings, as they’ve seen the writing on the wall that the stock market is going to crash soon and the whole financial system is collapsing. For instance, some have used the Goldco company Phil has recommended for this.
The difficulty with moving a retirement account to silver holdings, is that you are not able to get the silver or gold in your physical possession. And as Bix Weir has pointed out, there is significant risk with “paper silver” or any “paper” holdings on precious metals, particularly in a collapsing market and given the factors he describes in his article I shared above. If you don’t have the precious metals in your own physical possession, you don’t really know that they are there, you are relying on someone else’s “word” for it. Now this Goldco company may be trustworthy, or it may not be. But even a trustworthy company may have difficulties if silver suddenly skyrockets in value or becomes suddenly quite scarce. So as with everything, you should assess the risks before you buy.

Bix Weir Says: Get out of Gold Go Into Silver

In this video, at 4 minutes in, Bix says that he doesn’t know why people would still have gold when they could get silver instead. He says gold and silver will eventually reach a 1:1 ratio, meaning, being of equal value. Given that gold is now costing $1600 an ounce and $20 an ounce, what do you think that means? Do you think it means gold diving down to be valued at only $20 an ounce? NO. It means silver rising in value, for reasons explained above.
He goes on to say that not only will silver be at least equal to gold in value, but probably a lot more valuable, so the ratio would be 10:1 of silver to gold. “Silver is so much more valuable, both on the monetary side, and on the industrial side” he says, “and there’s not this massive secret horde of silver”. He says that his main RoadtoRoota theory is that the good guys are going to help us get a gold backed financial system.

Another thought on why silver is a better investment than gold, can be found by reading pages 143 to 153 in Creature of Jekyll Island, a book by G. Edward Griffin about the Federal Reserve. He explains how when a nation’s currency is gold-backed, there is an inherent stability in the value of gold. He explains how over a long period of time, 1 ounce of gold was the equivalent in value to one fine men’s suit. Although he made this point primarily to talk about stable currency, it seems to me that we can use the same point to realize that this would imply the value of a metal that backs a nation’s currency, is not likely to skyrocket in value Because if that happened, it seems to me, that you’d no longer have stable currency.

By contrast, a metal that is not being used to back the whole financial system, would seem to have more potential to rise dramatically in value, if it turns out that its true value has been suppressed and/or it is being used up and becoming more rare, which are both the case with silver.

But I Can’t Afford to Invest In Silver!

As the discussion about investing in silver has developed on various social media chat groups, I’ve seen a large number of people in these groups protest that they “can’t afford” to invest in silver. Now it is quite obvious that a great many people in this nation are struggling to make ends meet, and have been for the last 2 years more than ever. In the chat groups, several people talked about budgeting down to the penny, and using up their savings or IRA accounts just to pay for basic necessities. So I do not want to be insensitive and say that everyone should be able to invest in silver.

However, I have also noticed a couple things that I’d like to point out to encourage some more thought on this topic.

First, when Phil Godlewski did a poll on his channel regarding how much 0.999 silver (99.9% silver) his followers owned, these were the results stated, out of 22847 people responding:

(1) I own no silver, I don’t believe in it 2%

(2) I own no silver, I can’t afford it 23%
(3) I own 1-100 ounces of silver 35%
(4) I own 101-250 ounces of silver 12%

(5) I own 251-500 ounces of silver 8%

(6) I own 501-1000 ounces of silver 7%

(7) I own 1001-2000 ounces of silver 5%

(8) I own 2001-4999 ounces of silver 4%

(9) I own 5000+ ounces of silver 4%

I found it hard to believe that a full 23% of Phil’s followers are basically indigent and cannot afford $20 to buy one ounce of silver. I understand that many are struggling, but it doesn’t seem anywhere near realistic to me that a full 23% cannot afford to buy even one ounce of silver.

For context, I wanted to share a story that illustrates why I feel dubious when I hear people say that “I can’t afford _____”…namely, because saying one can’t afford something can often be a way of saying “I don’t want to hear about it, I have no interest in it” but saying it in a way that will ensure you are left alone.

I have a friend who is basically a “normie” or sleeper, she doesn’t know most of what is really going on in the world. However I wanted to help her out, so during a conversation one day, I suggested that if she could, investing in silver right now would be a great idea. When she said “I can’t afford it”, I pointed out that she could get invested in silver for as little as $20, for one ounce, and actually even less, because at local coin shops in my area you can buy an old silver dime for $2. And an old silver dime contains 0.0723 ounce of silver. But even though I made it clear that it was so very inexpensive to buy silver, she didn’t want to hear anything about it. She was literally on the verge of hanging up so I had to stop talking about this.

Now I know for a fact that it’s not the case that my friend “cannot afford” to invest in silver. This year she paid $20,000 for a solar panel installation her house and $2000 to get new paving stones in her yard. Every week she buys about $100 of new items for her garden. So, as with so many people, it’s not what they can or can’t afford, it’s what their priorities are. And sadly her priorities were shaped by having no idea of what is going on in the world. No one who knows what is coming with silver would refuse to buy even one ounce of silver or one old silver dime, unless they literally did not have money for even that. No one who knows what is coming with Tesla free energy would pay $20k for a rooftop solar installation.

What about those who are really budgeting to the penny?
So I have thoughts on this as well. Which is that I will sometimes hear, “we are struggling to put food on the table.” Now this may well be the case in many areas, but in major urban areas like mine, there are all kinds of places to go to get free food and meals. Various churches have free dinners every day or several times a week. There are nonprofits which hand out free bags of groceries every day to the poor. So if you are spending $100 a month on food, but you live in an area where you can get charity help and free food, you could be saving a lot by taking those free meals and groceries, and taking at least $20 of the money you thus saved spending on food, and buying just one ounce of silver. So this is an example of how there are ways even for some (but perhaps not all ) of the indigent, to get in on the silver boom in some small way, if they fully explore their options.

More information on Silver

Article by Bix Weir

Quotes from that article:

“Frankly, we are concerned about the illiquidity in the physical silver market,” said Eric Sprott, Chief Investment Officer of Sprott Asset Management. “We believe the delays involved in the delivery of physical silver to the Trust highlight the disconnect that exists between the paper and physical markets for silver.”

Here’s the latest from the Perth Mint:

“At the moment demand is such that we cannot meet all the enquiries that we are getting,” said Nigel Moffatt, Treasurer of the Perth Mint, one of the world’s largest gold refiners and distributors.

Safe Haven in silver while banks fail:

Bix Weir talking to Jean Claude of Beyond Mystic about the end of silver suppression:

In this video at 3 minutes in, Bix explains that the markets are using illegal means to intentionally “tamp down” the price of silver, (and shows someone explaining how to “tamp down” a situation eg use illegal means) and that the price of silver is NOT being determined by supply and demand, but rather by futures and options, which is illegal. He says that we won’t see the true fair market value of silver until COMEX is shut down which he says could happen at any time.

In this video, Robert Kobayashi predicts that silver will reach $500 an ounce in 2023. This is quite a bit lower than what Bix Weir is predicting, but note that regardless of that, it would still be a 25x increase in the value of silver. Meaning if you have 100 ounces of silver now, and the value for that is about $2000 based on $20 an ounce silver, if silver were to go to $500 an ounce, your 100 ounces would be valued at $50,000 and you would have made a $48,000 profit with a $2000 investment, if you sold at that price. And if you had 1000 ounces of silver costing $20,000, you would at $500 an ounce have $500,000 in silver, meaning you would have made a $480,000 profit from a $20,000 investment. Etc.

Newer Bix Weir video on silver…he says that we are “at the end of Road to Roota…I’ve been doing this for 20 years and we are there!”


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