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Common Law America: A place for Education and Discussion

Welcome to Common Law America

This is a website oriented to supporting people in America who want to learn about Common Law, the history that led to the “loss” of our nation and the theft of America from under our feet, regaining the freedom that is our birthright, changing/correcting our status, and how we can participate in restoring and rebuilding our great nation. Though this site is specifically for people in America, actually every nation in the world has a basis in Common Law and men and women from all nations may seek to educate themselves and participate in the restoration of their nations to their original form which offered God-given freedom for all people. So you may find useful things here if you live in other lands as well.

We have a chat and discussion group on a social media site which you may be able to join, once you contact me via contact form below. If you just want to learn privately you need not join the chat group but can just complete the assignments I create here.

Get involved in our Study Projects!

Every week or so I will create a study project which I post on our adjunct social media study/discussion group, consisting of articles, videos and/or webinars. Once we read or view the material there is the option (not required: nothing is required) to take a quiz to test yourself on your assimilation of the content.
Everything is free here, no fees, because this is what freedom is about in my opinion!!

Study Projects

Join our Discussion!

To join our education and discussion group, go to this Telegram link:
If you have any questions, contact me using this form. Note that I don’t have an email list— if you would like to be notified about my new articles you can click on “follow” on this website. You can also find my Common Law America videos and subscribe to my YouTube Channel here:

Free Americans and American State Nationals

We are a group of Americans seeking to learn about Common Law, correct our status, and begin to restore America so that all Americans may enjoy the freedom which is our birthright.

For Much More Info:
Anna Von Reitz’ work, tons of it!

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To Correct Your Status:

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Bibi Bacchus provides inexpensive courses on how to “own your strawman” eg the corporate legal fiction of you that is created at your birth:

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Other Sites with More Info:
Books, articles available to read for FREE!!

Alphonse Faggiolo has lots of helpful documents, advice and a forum here on his site:

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